• Dec 11 2014

    The Good Word

    This is my first time doing a blog so I hope you find it useful and I’ll try to throw in a little fun here and there. Since the Christmas…

  • Oct 28 2014

    Wondering what foods are safe for your pets?

    With the holidays coming, everyone is wondering how to keep our pets safe. Click HERE to go to our Facebook page for more information.  Also, click HERE for an article…

  • Jul 23 2014

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    Did you find baby bunnies?

    This time of year, young rabbits seem to populate every suburban yard. Here, wildlife experts offer tips on what to do if you find a nest of baby bunnies.  Click…

  • Apr 29 2014

    Itchy Pet?

    Itchy pet? Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today! What bothers you most? When your pet scratches so much his rattling tags keep you up all night? Is it the “thump,…

  • Feb 19 2014

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    Kent County Dog Licensing right here!

    We are now offering Kent County Dog licensing right here at our practice! Please make sure to bring the proper information with you so that we can assist you. If…

  • Feb 12 2014

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    Too much to carry into the practice at once?

    Are you dreading coming into the office because it’s just too much hassle? Too much to carry into the practice from the car? Call us from your cell phone when…

  • Jan 28 2014

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    My Vet’s the Best Nomination for November 2013

    My Vet's the Best - by Jessica Tuck and Winnie
  • Nov 20 2013

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    Holiday Foods

    Table scraps may seem like a fun way to include a pet in the holiday, but many foods are poisonous to pets including onions, garlic, raisins and grapes. See more…

  • Nov 06 2013

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    Up to Date Pet Food Recall Information

    Please click here for up to date pet food recall information!

  • May 09 2013

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    Announcement – New Services!

    NEW BLOOD PRESSURE & IOP MEASURING EQUIPMENT We are happy to announce two new additions to our preventative health care program. We now have the ability to measure your pet’s…