End Of Life Care

The decision to euthanize a pet may be one of the most difficult choices you will ever make for them.  Although it is a personal decision, it doesn’t need to be a solitary one.  Along with your family and friends, our veterinary team at Rockford Animal Hospital can help you decide if this decision is the right one for your pet.

If your pet is in extreme pain, won’t eat/drink, can’t walk, isn’t eliminating in the proper location or is exhibiting behavior that is a danger to themselves or others and there is nothing that can be reasonably done to change these circumstances, then it may be the kindest choice to end their suffering.

If a humane death (euthanasia) is best for your pet, then you have choices as to how this is performed.  You can choose to do this at home or at our hospital.  If you bring your cat or dog to our hospital, we have a special place that is quiet and comfortable, where you can be with your pet during the procedure if you choose to do so.  Once your pet has passed, you can take them home for burial or we can help you make arrangements for cremation &/or burial at Noah’s Gardens, a local pet cemetery.

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